One of the best guidebooks available to practitioners of natural medicine!

Whether you are a new practitioner or a veteran in the field, Denice delivers sound advice for developing a lucrative practice.  "Holistic practitioners are a unique breed, their only focus is to love and help people heal naturally, but many of them struggle to create a practice that will support them financially -- my goal is to help them do both!" - Denice Davis

Let's create a global natural healthcare revolution!

This is an awesome time to be a practitioner of natural modalities!
We have the ability to reach more and more people than ever before. It is assumed, just by nature of your chosen profession that your dharma is to help people heal and presumably (as with most) you probably want to help as many people as possible! Building a larger practice and getting more clients will also benefit you monetarily. So, you see, building your practice is not only advantageous for you…it’s beneficial for society as a whole. The more people that we can help move to a more natural state of health, the happier and healthier our entire planet will be!
Within these pages you will learn invaluable methods that Denice has acquired during her 20+ years as a holistic practitioner (now teacher) in best practices which have enabled her to grow her practice extensively working with hundreds of clients.