"There is a choice...Naturally!"

  “Denice Davis is on the leading edge with her work. She is a pioneer in the affective domain and has the unique ability 
      to reach both the young and the old with her insight.”
Ronald Eaton – Superintendent of Schools, NY

 “Once you have gotten to know her, you realize you are blessed for having the experience.”
 Stacy Hartnett – High School Teacher, NJ

  “Just the change in my perspective, that there is beauty in everything made such a huge difference. 
My fear of change is now replaced with enthusiasm and anticipation of what wonderful 
 new experience I will have from it. Knowing you has made such a deep positive impact on my life. 
Thank You. Thank You for giving me my life back.”
 Racheal Freemyer – Business Owner, NY

Denice has been a featured keynote speaker for The Holistic Nurses Association, The National Association of Kinesiologists, The Jewish Federation of Women, AARP, Barnes and Noble Bookstores, Borders Books, Mary Kay Cosmetics and multiple individual corporations. Her work as a radio personality has also provided the platform for many community focused events in public speaking over the past fourteen years.

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 - Denice Davis
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Having experienced decades of extreme challenges with her family in the areas of domestic violence, alcoholism, mental psychosis, suicide, drug abuse, incarceration and poverty, Denice was determined to discover ways to overcome and thrive, when presented with any obstacle. Holding steadfast to the memories of being transferred as a small child to live in Spain with her aunt and grandmother for safety, showed her that life could be different. Through years of study and transformation from “victim” to “victor”, Denice’s life has become a living testimonial, that anything is possible. It is Denice’s mission to teach people how to ignite the power within oneself to achieve greatness, despite any outer circumstance.