Verbal Kinesiology 101

A comprehensive instruction of Kinesiology and the use of muscle testing in practical application as it relates to holistic practices. This course will teach you the mechanics of utilizing this invaluable diagnostic technique as practiced by thousands. Additionally it will broaden the practitioners' ability by expanding beyond the traditional uses of energy patterns to accessing information through standard dialog. 

EET: Environmental Energy Transformation

Environmental issues are affecting our bodies in negative ways that we are not even aware of. Geobiology, the study of earth’s energies and their effects on human, plant and animal life, has shown that some of these energies can have a negative effect on the human body and prevent healing (and sometimes even promote illness). This class will teach you how to detect these energies as well as transform them in a comprehensive hands-on format to bring balance and a positive energy foundation for a healthy environment in your home or office. This course is a wonderful adjunct to any practitioner, as the effects from Geopathic Stress has been known to break down previous energy work performed on a client over time. Other environmental energies will also be covered in this workshop, such as feng shui, cleansings, etc.

Pre-requisite: Verbal Kinesiology 101 OR Health Kinesiology Level 3

 - Denice Davis
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